About Us


Beta Rocks is a Robotics group that does hands-on robotics, engineering, and programming.

Our Mission: Using science & technology to create a better world!

Vision: Help young generations acquire knowledge and develop skills in science, technology, engineering, robotics, mathematics, communication, collaboration, and leadership through doing actual design, development, and implementation.



2022-2023 Season

This year's season recruits a small group of people working on robotics. The goal for this season is to learn how to code, build, design, and much more! The Beta Rocks team is currently doing very well.

MajorStemAcademy: https://sites.google.com/d/1IJrwvnLNJUbaQXfs8Zcpbo0CiUaQnzEQ/p/1g_2HXlOytMigezkTcSSX6GWBXslTyED1/edit